Rules of the Athletic Union League

As updated and revised by the Annual General Meeting 10th May 2007

Rule 1.             Constitution of the League and affiliations
Rule 2.             Indemnification of the Executive Committee, Trustees and the Officers of the Athletic Union League.
Rule 3.            Eligibility for membership.                                             
Rule 4.             The  Annual General Meeting                                                    
Rule 5.             Composition of the Management Committee.                
Rule 6.             Annual Subscription                                                      
Rule 7.             Selection to play for the League.                                   
Rule 8.            Powers of the Management and Executive Committees.
Rule 9.             Appeal procedure.                                                        
Rule 10.           Application for membership.                                         
Rule 11.           Indemnification of Officers.                                           
Rule 12.           Alteration of Rules.                                                       
Rule 13.           Vacancies in the Officer Board and Executive Committee.
Rule 14.           The Properties of the League.                                                               
Rule 15.           Representations on the National and Provincial Associations.                                         
Rule 16.           Duty of the Home Secretary prior to the fixture.