Noticeboard for Sept 18th

The Herald Striker will continue on Monday’s until further notice so make sure you get you copy.

There was some great football over the weekend and if you can get out to watch a game it will be well worth it.

Good luck to all our clubs who have games in the National and Provincial competitions over the coming weeks.

Ray Downer of Ballyogan Celtic and his fellow committee members must have been very proud on Saturday when they officially opened their new pitch. The opening ceremony was conducted by FAI CEO John Delaney, Minister for Sport Shame Ross and AUL Chairman Tony Martin. Well done to all for their hard work.

Well done to Dean Byrne from Hardwicke FC on picking up the Top Goal Scorer award for the Tommy Clements Cup which was sponsored by Justins Barbers.

The Clubman Pinaud Man of the Match winner this week was Ballyogan Celtic’s Michael Sullivan

On behalf of everyone involved in the AUL, we wish Gerry Gorman a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back in action in the not too distant future.

The new season is now upon us so we would ask all clubs to get their house in order as early as possible. Get you players signed up as soon as you can. Make sure as Secretary, the registration forms are filled in correctly, Date of Birth, Club last played for, Player actually signs the form, all these thing should be checked before you leave them in to the office and if not filled in correctly they will be returned to you. It is your responsibility to correctly register your players the AUL will only try and make sure you do but it is not up to the AUL to Register the player correctly.

Please when you see your fixture on Monday’s in the Herald Striker make contact with the opposition and referee immediately this will avoid any problems later on in the week if someone is not available and being early in the week changes can me made to make sure the fixture goes ahead. The contact that is made on the Friday should be the second contact and this would be to confirm that the pitch is on or off after the local councils release their lists.

Be aware of the ITC. If you are signing a player who has come back to live in Ireland or has arrived to live here ask the question “did you play in an organised League where he has come from” and if the answer is yes that player may require an International Transfer Certificate. All applications for an ITC must come from the Secretary of the Club the player is registered for. The player must register first for his club and then the club applies for the ITC. All ITC applications must be sent to the 1st ITC window closes end of September

Dick Redmond



17/09/2017 21:21