National D Licence Coaching Opportunity

Below are details of an exciting opportunity for clubs to have a coach trained to National D Licence standard at no cost to either the club or coach.

We expect that there will be great interest in this initiative by the League. Places are limited so get your application in early to avoid disappointment.

Peter Lynch


National D Licence Coaching Opportunity

The AUL, in conjunction with the FAI and the support of permanent tsb is delighted to announce the launch of a Coach Education Project.

This will provide an opportunity for each club to nominate a coach to undertake a course of training, provided by the FAI Coach Education Department to achieve a National D Licence.

This course will be fully funded by permanent tsb and the AUL so there will be no charge to either clubs or coaches taking part. However, places are limited so get your application in early.

Details of the courses have been sent to each club. Events 1, 2 & 3 will be conducted online over 6-8 evenings between September and November and Event 4 will be on a Friday evening and a Saturday during the December/January break and will take place in the Complex. The details will be finalised once the applications have been received.

Clubs interested in availing of this opportunity they should completed the attached application. The closing date for receipt of applications is Thursday 2nd September.

The Executive Committee believes that this course will be of enormous benefit to both the coaches and clubs and will enhance the whole Adult Amateur game and hope that every club will take up this unique opportunity. We wish to acknowledge the support of the FAI Coach Education Department in tailoring this course to focus on and meet our needs and to thank permanent tsb for their support which makes it possible for us to provide this training at no cost to you, the clubs and coaches.

28/08/2021 19:01