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12/12/2019 12:13
AUL All Weather

Availability on the All Weather Sat 30th Nov 2.30pm

Please contact Niamh / Office or Tony Martin

29/11/2019 11:33

AUL PRO Des Smith talks to Justin Burke

25/11/2019 09:52
AUL Complex Closed

The AUL Complex is Closed , Thurs 14th + Mon 18th Nov for International matches.

11/11/2019 10:58
Mon 28th Oct 2019/Thurs 31st Oct 2019

The AUL Complex is Closed Bank Holiday Mon 28th Oct 2019

and Thurs 31st Oct 2019 from 2pm

22/10/2019 13:49
Futsal Referees

Any Referees interested in doing a Futsal Referees Course, please contact the AUL League. 01-8408935 or email

14/10/2019 13:30
AUL Complex Closed

Due to weather conditions the AUL Complex will be closed tonight Thurs 3rd Oct.

Health and Safety is priority

03/10/2019 11:43
Management Meeting

Our Next Management Meeting is on December 12th

In the AUL Complex.

Our Next Management Meeting is on December 12th 2019 in the AUL Complex.
02/10/2019 10:38
02/10/2019 10:42
FAI .Net

On Tuesday the FAI released a video explanation of the FAInet process,

Please see under Download link above the updated FAInet guide which is the full process for clubs starting from Team Creation > Assigning Players > Checking status of players applications > Entering New players to FAInet > Entering Transfers on FAInet > Printing & Uploading the FAI approved registration form to & from FAInet.

25/07/2019 11:54
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