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Applications for Season 2020/21 are now being accepted so if you are interested in joining the AUL, call our Honorary Secretary Tony Cosgrave on 086 8076848,, or to book your place.

22/07/2016 11:13
Leinster Football Association AGM 2021
The LFA AGM will be held virtually on Tuesday May 25th at 7-30pm through Zoom.
10/04/2021 15:48
Bridge United v Rivermeade FC
Decisions ruin matches
01/09 14:30
Bridge United 3 - 2 Rivermeade FC
What started off as a decent game of football with both sides enjoying playing the game decended into one of the most disgraceful displays of abuse and threatening behaviour I have ever seen aimed at a referee. Decisions ruin matches and yes the ref made some questionable decisions but the level and verosity of abuse both on and off the pitch ruined the game.
01/09/2018 23:39
Best wishes Dennis,
The FAI General Meeting on Sunday introduced a new structure that brought an end to the FAI Junior Council
01/04/2021 20:13

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Keith Bruen Coaches

12/08/2017 21:48
AUL Complex, Clonshaugh
10/09/2017 16:01
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